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The Wolfmen ©Tina Korhonen

The Wolfmen ©Tina Korhonen

The Wolfmen, infused with the infinite panache and  iconic bite of  Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou,  have just released their wonderful new single Jackie, is it my Birthday? featuring Sinéad O’Connor, which is not the only exciting news as they have also  given Plectrum a great write up in their blog, Bocca di Lupo.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Plectrum Analyzer

“There’s a triple-whammy of Wolfmen goodies grabbable over at our favourite new webzine (and bi-monthly magazine) Plectrum – The Cultural Pick.

Plectrum  is both a website and hard-copy magazine keeping a contemporary eye on all areas of the arts – fashion, film, music, books and performance. A kaleidoscopic mix where Beatle Boots and Biba, Nigel Waymouth and The Wolfmen appear on the pop-culture playlist. So what was Plectrum’s take on Jackie ?

‘Surreal, transcendent, glamorous pop’

Is just one line from possibly the review of the year. It’s a must-read and is viewable right here

And, as a Bocca bonus, check out Plectrum’s Guy Sangster Adams in-depth interview with Wolf-meisters Marco and Chris. A pitch perfect contextulisation, threading together and time-lining Ants history, Wolfmen formation and current collaborators and projects.

You can dig in here and watch the video interview via the Plectrum Broadcast Player”

Plectrum heartily recommends that you step into the world of The Wolfmen at

And, of course, that you become a regular reader of  The Wolfmen’s blog READ MORE

Plus: Plectrum’s review of Jackie, is it my Birthday? READ MORE

Plectrum’s interview with Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou READ or  WATCH


Burro, one of the most influential and innovative British menswear labels, has created a new ‘We Like’  section of their website, in which Plectrum is very pleased to have been included, not least because we rather like Burro too!

“Plectrum The Cultural Pick is a diverting magazine and website edited by curator of popular culture Guy Sangster Adams. The printed version comes in an ingenious folded format reminiscent of a rolled up newspaper .Within it’s folds Plectrum enthusiastically covers art, fashion, music, books, film and performance. Nicely put together, knowledgeable and well written we like it.”
– Burro

Discover more about Burro, and buy items from their current collection at


The rather wonderful Nude (and we are not just saying that!)  has a review of Plectrum in its Zine round up in the current issue, which also features Alan Moore, The Handsome Family, Angelique Houtkamp, Molly Crabapple & much more… Go Nude at


Novelist Sophie Parkin gave Plectrum’s first Live Edition at The Book Club Boutique on Monday 20th April a mention in The Guardian Saturday 18th April:


Watch Alexis Mary interviewed by Guy Sangster Adams on the Plectum Broadcast player

Watch Alexis Mary interviewed by Guy Sangster Adams on the Plectum Broadcast player