Single Review: Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK) – The Wolfmen

the-wolfmen-wam-bam-jfk-cover-2Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK) (Radio Edit)
Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK)
Is That Earth Down There?
(Howl Records)
To be released 29th November 2010

By Guy Sangster Adams

Loaded with the danger, excitement, edge of a precipice moment of a jet plane in run-up at the airport that now bears JFK’s name, the melody of the verses swirling concentrically with Chris Constantinou’s seraphic higher register vocals  irresistibly draw one into the charged expectancy of take-off. When that moment arrives, with each chorus, it doesn’t disappoint. Marco Pirroni is in blistering form with combustible riffs that go beyond mere take-off into vertical lift-off heading super stellar, that leaves one breathless and never wanting to descend, hoping and relying on Preston Heyman’s infectious beat to keep the blood pumping at the speed one needs it, whilst Constantinou roughs up his earlier celestial choirboy with a suitably rockin’ rasp.

With some Suffragette City returned with love and panache, this is a pop art gem of beauty and tragedy, seen through Roy Lichenstein and Andy Warhol lenses, adroitly and lovingly mixed and polished by a Dandy Warhol, in the form of Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK) is a real blam blam!

The video for Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK) will receive its premiere screening at the Plectrum Live Edition: A Night at the Rockabilly Revuebar on 27th October 2010 at The Horse Hospital, London WC1. Videos for previous singles by The Wolfmen will also be screened. For more details click here.

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To watch Guy Sangster Adams, editor  of Plectrum – The Cultural Pick talking to The Wolfmen’s Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou go to the Plectrum Broadcast Player by clicking here.


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4 Responses to “Single Review: Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK) – The Wolfmen”

  1. Mondo Says:

    I can confirm – it’s a white hot scorcher. Another winner from The Wolfies

  2. MsDayglo Says:

    “Suffragette City returned with love and panache”. Ha!

    Yes, it’s lovely. Poignant, sexy and beautiful. x

  3. Richard Says:

    Beautiful just like Monroe x

  4. horst Says:

    OUTf*****gSTANDING !

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