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Exhibition: Going Nowhere Fast – D*FACE

Corey Helford Gallery, 8522 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, California, USA
9th April – 27th April 2011


By Guy Sangster Adams

Defining his work as ‘aPOPcalyptic’ (“a metaphorical backdrop for the corruptive persuasive consumerist folly that has been force fed into society”), London-based, internationally-celebrated, sculptor and street artist, D*Face, is transforming the Corey Helford Gallery into “a multi-media vault of aPOPcalyptic new works” through April 2011. Exploring and satirising society’s celebrity obsession, with paintings, sculptures, and installations Going Nowhere Fast focuses on the deaths of an all-star line of American icons, from Andy Warhol to Michael Jackson. The powerful imagery placing the viewer in the position of having to choose whether to embrace, reject, laugh, or deny, D*Face’s narrative take on popular culture, the American dream, fame, power,  money and mortality. The exhibition also includes, Flutterdies, a series of sculptures created from real butterflies and insects and spray can caps.


Influenced by punk music, graffiti, skateboarding, and citing Lichtenstein, Haring and Warhol as early inspirations, over the last decade D*Face’s work developed from creating stickers which he “adhered to lamp posts and electrical boxes” along his route home from his day job, to posters, posters which “became more ambitious… and somewhere in between I quit my job or maybe that was I got fired, either way the inevitable had happened”, to the multi-media work which has been exhibited worldwide on city streets,  galleries, museums, and sold at auction houses, and made him one of the most prolific contemporary urban artists of his generation. His commissions have included Penguin Books 50th Anniversary covers, a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI for The Vatican, and his most recent collaboration was with pop star Christina Aguilera on the cover art for her number-one selling album Bionic.


Going Nowhere Fast – D*FACE
Runs from 9th April – 27th April 2011
Corey Helford Gallery, 8522 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA  90232. USA
Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm to 6:00pm

D*Face: www.dface.co.uk
Corey Helford Gallery: www.coreyhelfordgallery.com

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