The Art Car Boot Fair Margate Edition with Turner Contemporary Sunday 30th August 2015

The Art Car Boot Fair Margate 2015 flyer for P-TCP
By Guy Sangster Adams

“Growing up in Margate was fantastic,” artist Tracey Emin has said, “you could swim from May until September, you could sit on the beach. Whatever trouble you would get it, it wasn’t as much as if you were in an urban city. Therefore teenage sex is quite high in that part of England. The landscape lends itself to it.”

The landscape around this seaside town on the Isle of Thanet on England’s south coast also leant its inspiration to Romanticist painter, JMW Turner, who said, “the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe”. Throughout his life Turner was continually drawn back to the town by the limitless skies and dramatic light.

Tracey Emin at Art Car Boot Fair P-TCP

Tracey Emin

Sea, skies, sex, already powerful pulls perhaps, but on the Sunday of this August Bank Holiday weekend there are myriad more reasons to be in Margate as The Art Car Boot Fair, at the invitation of Turner Contemporary, visits the town for the first time. The gallery on the seafront, in the car park of which the fair will take place, sits on the site of Mrs Booth’s guest house, where Turner stayed when visiting Margate; he not only loved the town for the sky and the light, but also Mrs Booth.

Gavin Turk Art Car Boot Fair P-TCP

Gavin Turk

Tracey Emin, Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Rachel Howard, Vic Reeves, and Jessica Albarn, are all part of the great line-up of artists taking part in the Margate edition of The Art Car Boot Fair. Now in its 11th year, it is co-curated by sisters Karen Ashton and Helen Hayward who have developed the event, which combines a car boot sale and an art fair, from writer and independent art consultant Ashton’s original idea. Taking inspiration from events that took place in East London in the 1990s – the late art impresario Joshua Compston’s ‘artist’s garden fête’, The Fête Worse than Death, and artist Gavin Turk’s Livestock Market and Agricultural Shows – her desire was to “pick up where they left off with the intention of re-introducing some summer fun and frivolity into a thriving but increasingly commercial London art scene”.

“We aim for the Art Car Boot Fair to be a day when the artists let their hair down,” Ashton and Hayward say, “and for all-comers to engage with art in a totally informal way, and to pick up some real art bargains to boot!” All the artists taking part in the fair create special limited editions and sell them in-person at affordable prices.

Hit art sale concept Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair travels to Folkestone Harbour to coincide with the Folkestone Art Triennial.

Karen Ashton and Helen Hayward

The theme of the 2015 Art Car Boot Fairs is ‘dogs in art’, which has also informed the Art on Postcard series which will be available at the Margate event. These postcards are specially commissioned, signed, limited editions, by artists including: Rankin, Ray Richardson, Dougie Wallace, Hayden Kays, Cosmo Sarson, Robert James Clarke, Margot Bowman and Benjamin Murphy. All proceeds from Art on a Postcard go to the Hepatitis C Trust.

Alongside the artworks the fun and frivolity will also be riotously stoked and stimulated by an array of suitably eccentric and eclectic activites and spontaneous promenade performances and happenings, including: The Dog in Boot photo shoot in a vintage Vauxhall Viva, Vanera Camera Obscura (an ex-NATO camper van turned into a pin-hole camera, taking portraits on giant pieces of photographic paper), Pin the Tiara on Edvard Munch’s Scream, a knitted swimsuit fashion parade, free custom screen-printing at The Copy Shop, Poetry Roulette, the inky selfie machine, Cabaret Futura stage featuring live music, stand-up, and quite probably the outlandishly unexpected, and a dog show along the seafront promenade, with a judging panel made up both of dog experts and artists, and special prizes including Most Inspiring Hound.

Hit art sale concept Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair travels to Folkestone Harbour to coincide with the Folkestone Art Triennial.

Vic Reeves

Sea, skies, sex… art, tiaras, and inspiring hounds… this August Bank Holiday Sunday for me you can indeed, as Messrs Chas and Dave had it in their ode to Mr Turner’s favourite town, “keep the Costa Brava”, Margate is going to rock!

The Art Car Boot Fair | Margate Edition with Turner Contemporary
Supported by Vauxhall Motors and the Arts Council of England
Sunday 30th August 2015, 12 – 4pm,
Admission: £3
at Turner Contemporary, Rendezvous, Margate, Kent CT9 1HG

Artists taking part in The Art Car Boot Fair Margate:

Tracey Emin & Emin International · Gavin Turk · Vic Reeves and Michael Hogben · Rachel Howard · True Rocks· Matt Collishaw · Polly Morgan · Holly Allan· Jessica Albarn · Camille Phoenix · Lizzy Rose & Kate Hare · Crate including Erin Hayhow, Sam Giles, Holly Rodgers, Layla Jessica Moore, Madeline Webb, Krztian Borst, Dom Elsner, Jack Coulson, Hannah Weatherhead, Tom Langley, Jeremy Deller, Joanna Jones & Clare Smith (Dover Arts Development), Moyra Derby, Charley Vines and Leigh Clarke · Limbo including Paul Hazelton, David Price, Tessa Farmer, Steve McPherson, Tasha Marks (AVM Curiosities), Sarah Wicks, Sarah Craske and Katie Welsford · Resort including Dan Chilcott , Charlie Evarist Boyce, Crowther/Plant, Jo Elbourne and Jason Pay, Kate Harrison, Steve Ibb, Nick Morley, Heidi Plant, Julia Riddiough, Sara Wicks, Rachel Wilberforce, Leise Wilson and Angeli Yara · Bon Volk Studios · Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton · Nicole Mollett and the Kent Cultural Baton · Tom Thumb Theatre and Jessica Jordan-Wrench · Simon Merrifield · Bob Chicalors · BeDRAGgled from Amy Redmond / SINK The PINK · Sir Peter Blake (TBC) · Scrawl Collective · Carla Petschek · Soul Fast Food · Kristjana S Williams · Moniker Projects · Turps Painters · Bumble and Earwig · Alice Herrick & KEELERTORNERO · Hantverk & Found with C.A.Halpin, Angela Frederico, Tom Swift, Jason Pay, Sam Zine · Alteria Art · Binnie Sisters · Wilma Johnston · Silvia Ziranek · Dolores De Sade · Marty Thornton · Art on a Postcard with Rankin, Robert James Clarke, Ray Richardson, Dougie Wallace, Hayden Kays, Cosmo Sarsen, Margo Bowman and Benjamin Murphy for the Hepatitis C Trust · David J Batchelor · Frances Richardson · Jake Clarke · Kate Knight · Joseph Gibson · The Juncture ·Andrew Cunningham · Cultivate feat. Sean Worrell, Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent and Julia Maddison · Dylans Mobile Book Store · Francis Thorburn· Swifty ·Lucy Soni · Jealous Gallery · Club Shepway · Paul Sakoilsky · Mark Jones · X-ray Fog · Ian Dawson and The Copy Shop

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