Hands Up! Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair London Brick Lane Yard, London E1 12pm – 6pm Sunday 12th June 2016

Sir Peter Blake, 2016 ©Sir Peter Blake

Sir Peter Blake, 2016, archival inkjet print, 29.7cm x 22cm, edition 150 ©Sir Peter Blake

By Guy Sangster-Adams

In a weekend of birthday celebrations for the Queen in which the regal hand wave will be much in demand and street parties will abound, it is entirely fitting that for this year’s art fair, come boot sale, come street party that is the right royal Art Car Boot Fair the theme is ‘the hand’. Eclectic and celebratory, eccentric, frivolous and often riotous, the success and fun of ACBF stem from the founding principle of co-curators, Karen Ashton and Helen Hayward, that it should enable everyone to engage with art and artists in a totally informal way and, with all the artists taking part creating special limited editions and selling them in person on the day at affordable prices, “to pick up some real art bargains to boot”.

Peter Blake ACBF Margate photo Guy Sangster Adams P-TCP

Sir Peter Blake at Art Car Boot Fair Margate 2015 photo: ©Guy Sangster-Adams

Queues form early for ACBF regular, Sir Peter Blake, and his print for this Sunday’s event, which is in a limited edition of 150, celebrates the royal birthday with a portrait of the Queen, based on a photograph taken by Lord Lichfield, which was painted for a reception at the Royal Academy of Arts in 2002 to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. Also marking this year’s ACBF theme the print features a hand-drawn hand with a pencil ‘signing’ the print.

Tracey Emin,You Loved Me Like A Distant Star, 2016  ©Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin,You Loved Me Like A Distant Star, 2016, poster, 70cm x 50cm, edition of 500, ©Tracey Emin

The line-up features both established and up-and-coming artists, including Keith Coventry, Tracey Emin & Emin International, Gavin Turk, Pam Hogg, Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Jessica Albarn, Vic Reeves, Kelly-Anne Davitt, Sean Worrall, and Lily Rose Thomas. Many of the artist’s pitches are supplied by Vauxhall Motors who have sponsored ACBF since it began in 2004 and on Sunday will be bringing both vintage Victors and new Adams.

Pure Evil, Bowie 1 in the USA © Pure Evil

Pure Evil, Bowie 1 in the USA, 50cm x 35cm, edition of 100, © Pure Evil

In one, renowned psychoanalyst, Darian Leader, will be turning the backseat into a psychiatrist’s couch, whilst also celebrating the publication of his latest book, Hands – What we do with them and why, whilst all around the theme of ‘the hand’ will be further celebrated with plenty of “hands-on entertainment” including palm reading with Bob & Roberta Smith, fine art on nails, sleights of hand and other magic, glove puppetry, handbag slinging, hand printing, exotic finger food, and hand-pulled pints and hand-shaken Martinis from Kitty Finer’s Artists Behind Bars’ hand-pushed trolley bars… and The Handbag Disco with Dan Chillcott’s Knitted Swimsuit Dance Troupe.

Helen Hayward and Karen Ashton ACBF Margate photo Guy Sangster Adams P-CP

ACBF’s co-curators, Helen Hayward and Karen Ashton, at Art Car Boot Fair Margate 2015 photo: ©Guy Sangster-Adams


All in all really no excuse to sit on one’s hands this Sunday!

 Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane Yard, corner of Brick Lane and Buxton Street, London E1
12pm – 6pm Sunday 12th June

Full line-up:
Sir Peter Blake . Tracey Emin & Emin International . Gavin Turk . Polly Morgan . Ben Eine . Pam Hogg . Rachel Howard . Marcus Harvey & Turps Banana . Keith Coventry . Pure Evil . Charming Baker . Vic Reeves . True Rocks . Darian Leader . Olivier Richon . Camille Phoenix . Bob & Roberta Smith . Art on a Postcard with Topolski, Tabby Costo & MoYou . Christian Furr . Colin Self . Moniker Projects . Jessica Albarn . Herrick Gallery with Jeffrey Disastronaut & Michal Cole . Sadie Hennessey . Jealous Gallery . Nina Fowler . Cob Gallery . House of Fairytales . Tom Crawford . Jimp . LM-6a Projects . Steven Whitehead . Schoony . Maria Teresa Gavazzi & Julia Maddison & India Roper-Evans . Jessica Voorsanger . Tracey Neuls . Artlyst PUNK 40 with Keith Levene (PIL),Mark Woods, Rebecca Scott, Michael Petry, Martin Sexton and Vanya Balogh . Cate Halpin & Julia Riddiough . Kristjana Williams . Stine Goetrik . Richard Strange & the Daylight Cabaret . The Idler Academy . Elli Popp . Holly Allen . Ian Dawson . Kate Knight . Wildcat Will . Bert Gilbert . Lily Rose Thomas . Paul Hodgson . Simon Bill . L-13 & James Cauty ADP Riot Tour . Cultivate with Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent and Skeleton Cardboard . Boo Saville. The Darren Coffield-Hedley Roberts Roadshow . Galerie Simpson . Carrie Reichardt . Keeler Tornero . Ben Oakley Gallery with Ray Richardson, David Bray, Guy Denning . Trolley Books . James Birch . Bumble & Earwig . Helen A Pritchard . Paul Stolper Gallery with Sarah Hardacre, Kevin Cummins & Susie Hamilton . Nick Reynolds . Vanera Obscura . X-Ray Fog . Cliff Pearcey . Ric Blackshaw & Scrawl Collective . Swifty. The Fabulous Binnie Sisters . Marty Thornton . Coriander Studio . Jeff Towns and Dylans Mobile Bookstore . Matt Rowe . Smithson Gallery . Cullinan & Richards . Paul Sakoilsky . Joseph Gibson . Misha Milovanich. Nina Saunders & Red . Outline Editions . Ivan Black . David J Batchelor . Jake Clark .Kim Zoe Wagner . David David . Paul Kindersley . James Unsworth . Silvia Ziranek . Jessica Wilson and friends. Nicole Mollet & The Kent Cultural Baton feat. Bridgette Ashton, Nicole Mollet, Frog Morris, Sarah Sparkes, Hazel Stone, Duncan Ward and Jeanine Woollard . Kelly Davitt . Dan Chilcott & Knitted Swimsuit Troupe & Resort . Dion Kitson & the PBA’s . Richard Clegg . Tony Beaver . Artlyst . Art Club of Soho . Leigh Clarke and Crate . Rennaisance Selfies . David Stearn . Limbo with Krztian Borst, Paul Hazelton, David Price, Gavin Toye, and Sara Trillo . Lucy Sparrow . Nick Walker. Mr Bingo . Simon Lawson and Worton Hall Studios . Sarah Staton and Demelza Watts’s PeaProposals.
Plus! Drinks on Trolley Bars from Kitty Finer’s Artists Behind Bars . Longflint Cocktails . St John Bread (actually Custard Doughnuts) & Wine . Bean About Town . Beamish McGlue . Nude Espresso.
And WELCOMING BACK! Richard Strange’s stranger than ever Cabaret Futura including the return of BAND OF HOLY JOY! Oh! Standfast! and introducing Geraldine Swayne & friends, Kunsty the Clown (custard pie-ing).


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